Legal-Support Adult Guardian Center is a corporate juridical person, a nationwide organization, which was established on December 22, 1999 by Shihoshoshi as an official member, with the aim of protecting the rights of elderly and disabled persons and contributing to the promotion of welfare.

At present, around 5,200 members are involved in carrying out activities to protect the rights of elderly and disabled persons using the adult guardianship system through 50 branch offices located throughout the country.

Introduction of Legal Support's activities

As Shihoshoshi guardians, the members of Legal Support fulfill an important role, the guardianship of property and financial management, by directly contacting elderly and disabled persons with diminished decision-making capacity. After the launch of the new adult guardianship system in April 1,2000, in most cases family courts selected a Shihoshoshi as the third party guardian other than a relative guardian, and Shihoshoshi have continued to conduct guardianship work, enjoying the confidence of all parties concerned.

These activities are supported by the training system through which knowledge and skills about guardianship are obtained, including guardian’s ethics, laws, medical treatment and welfare, etc., and asystem under which the branch offices and the headquarters provide members with guidance and support.

In addition to the development,guidance and supervision of Shihoshoshi guardians,Legal Support carries out the following activi

  • Consultations regarding the adult guardianship system and application procedures, etc.
  • Holding relative guardian development courses, lectures and explanatory meetings, and symposiums
  • Supporting activities to protect the rights of elderly and disabled persons, such as the prevention of cruelty by cooperating with welfare and medical treatment-related persons such as the Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Activities to promote the adult guardianship system such as the publication of books
  • Activities to study and make suggestions for the improvement of the adult guardianship system